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Fr. Catoir records
his radio "spots."
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An interview with Fr. John Catoir on his book,
"Joy: The Spirit's Gigantic Secret Behind the
Catholic Church's Survival."   
"People of Joy: Your Introduction to Spiritual
Joy" An inspirational message everyone needs
from Fr. Catoir. (10 min.)
First published in
2006, "Joy" is still
available through

Alba House
After a long and fruitful ministry in communications (see ABOUT US), I
looked for new ways to reach those who needed a spiritual lift.  We began
producing :30 second "spots" which were aired late at night on various
radio stations across the country.  In just a short time, people were writing
and sharing how much those mini-reflections had meant to them and how
it changed their lives. Many were depressed or had lost their jobs and
really needed that "spiritual lift." For 21 years we have continued this
ministry. In recent years, we've expanded it to include social media and a
variety of video and audio clips that can be found on this website. You can
now find me on Twitter  
@johncatoir. You can also find my reflections on
Facebook at Fr. John Catoir. We also have a daily blog and other
features and articles at

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Reflection on 50 years of Priesthood --why
Fr. Catoir remains faithful to the Church and
its teachings.
Be Kind to one
another . . .

Love one
another as He
has loved you!

Be positive.
Don't put
yourself down.
Once a day, say:
"Dearest Spirit of Jesus, thank you for being the Soul of my Soul. Comfort me,
console me, tell me what to do, and give me strength to do it with love. Amen."
THE BEACON Catholic Newspaper, Paterson, NJ  
Article (pg. 4-5) on using Social Media as a Ministry  
September 3, 2015 Issue
(shown above) Fr. Catoir
commented on Pope Francis'
visit during the Neil Cavuto
show on FOX-TV, Sept. 25, 2015
"How Grace Changed My Life"  
In 1995, Fr. John Catoir founded St. Jude Media
Ministry. For 21 years, we've provided uplifting
messages of joy to those most in need through all forms
of media. At age 85, he is also active on Social Media
and enjoys meeting friends from all over the world.
When I met Pope St. John Paul II in 1980, he said,
"Go, therefore and become a Messenger of Joy."  
I did and still am. Please join me!
Prayer to Live Joyfully
Lord, at times I am overcome with joy.
The world seems such a glorious place and all
the cares of life seem far away.
Thank you for giving us a glimpse of eternity. I
know that such a grand feeling is sure to pass
and that I will be once again confronted with the
problems and worries of daily life. Let me realize
that true joy never fades, for it is the gift of
Your Spirit made possible by the saving action of
Jesus. Keep me in Your grace so that I may
never lose that inner virtue of joy!
Happy New Year 2017!