Fr. John Catoir - Articles from the 1970's
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Most were first published as part of his nationally-syndicated column appearing in
Catholic Newspapers during his term as Director of The Christophers, New York,
NY. The syndicated column continued, though, even in retirement until his last one
which was completed in October and published in November 2019. These have
been scanned from the originals, in the order placed in his scrapbooks through the
years. On many of the earliest ones -- no publication date was retained.

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01        1973—1—Jan 25—Immaturity & Marriage
02        1973—2—Feb 1—Children & Women’s Lib
03        1973—3—Aug 16—To A College Girl
04        1973—4—Nov 22—Thanksgiving Meditation
05        1973—5—Nov 29—A Burning in Boston

06        1970s—6—Finding Peace
07        1970s—7—Happiness Our Destiny
08        1970s—8—Fear is the Enemy
09        1970s—9—Banishing Fear

10        1970s—10—Childlike, Not Childish
11        1970s—11—Formula for Coping
12        1970s—12—Develop Will Power
13        1970s—13—Lenten Personality
14        1970s—14—Our Father
15        1970s—15—Give Comfort to God
16        1970s—16—Preaching Isn’t Easy
17        1970s—17—Making Time for Charity
18        1970s—18—Learn from Mystics
19        1970s—19—Supreme Gift of Love

20        1970s—20—Joy and Pain
21        1970s—21—First Fervor
22        1970s—22—Dealing with Stress
23        1970s—23—A Messenger of Joy
24        1970s—24—Do Something Positive
25        1970s—25—Self Affirmation
26        1970s—26—The Happiness of God
27        1970s—27—The Road to Holiness
28        1970s—28—Trusting in Jesus
29        1970s—29—Formula for Happiness

30        1970s—30—Mystery of Suffering
31        1970s—31—Joy in Your Life
32        1970s—32—Friend and Protector
33        1970s—33—Finding Joy Among Sorrow
34        1970s—34—Christ’s Mandate
35        1970s—35—We Belong to God
36        1970s—36—Making a Difference
37        1970s—37—Life’s Problems
38        1970s—38—The Homeless Need You
39        1970s—39—Caritas

40        1970s—40—Believe and Joy Will Come
41        1970s—41—Don’t Put Yourself Down
42        1970s—42—The Trinity
43        1970s—43—Our Purpose in Life
44        1970s---44—A Mighty Merge
45        1970s—45—Live Joyfully-1
46        1970s—46—The World of Waiting
47        1970s—47—Don’t Worry, Be Happy
48        1970s—48—A Compelling Reason
49        1970s—49—Happy New Year

50        1970s—50—Thoughts on Prayer
51        1970s—51—Poor in Spirit
52        1970s—52—Our Inner Life
53        1970s—53—The Golden Rule
54        1970s—54—You’re A Saint
55        1970s—55—Becoming Saints
56        1970s—56—Christmas Light
57        1970s—57—Masks
58        1970s---58—Shall We Give Them Hell?
59        1970s—59—Be Not Afraid

60        1970s—60—The Art of Loving
61        1970s—61—Focus on Family
62        1970s—62—Say Yes to the Lord
63        1970s—63—Share Your Faith
64        1970s—64—Spiritually Balanced
65        1970s—65—Lift Up Your Heart
66        1970s—66—Christmas Giving
67        1970s—67—Live Joyfully-2
68        1970s—68—Live Gladly
69        1970s—69—The Gift of Joy

70        1970s—70—Trust Him More
71        1970s—71—Food for the Soul
72        1970s—72—The Way to Pray
73        1970s—73—Legacy of Misery
74        1970s—74—Spiritual Agility
75        1970s—75—Spiritual Comfort
76        1970s—76—Source of Comfort
77        1970s—77—Depend on God
78        1970s—78—Gospels in 4 Colors
79        1970s—79—Remove All Negativity

80        1970s—80—To Pray is Love
81        1970s—81—Letter to A Wounded Friend
82        1970s—82—Coping With Loneliness
83        1970s—83—Forgiveness
84        1970s—84—Mary as Our Model
85        1970s—85—A List of Lenten Give-Ups
86        1970s—86—Families Have a Vocation
87        1970s—87—Listening to Problem Children