St. Jude Media Ministry was founded in 1995 with the
purpose of sharing joyful and uplifting messages to those
who need it most. In the first years, the main focus was
RADIO MINISTRY -- purchasing air time on stations all
over the country and producing :30 "spots" or
mini-commercials that dealt with a variety of subjects and
were intended for the late night listener who might be tired,
depressed, sleepless due to illness or stress. Fr. Catoir
has heard from hundreds of listeners who sent letters
letting him know their difficulties, asking for prayer, and
encouraging him to continue this work.
With the financial help of our faithful partners, these messages continue to be aired all
across the country and the letters keep coming!
Radio Spots
Print Media: Newspaper Articles and Books  
For over 30 years, Fr. Catoir, past president of the Catholic Press Association, has continued
to write articles as a syndicated columnist and has written numerous award winning, best-
selling books on joy and the central Gospel messages. Many of his books can be found on or through publishers such as Alba House.  His classic, "Joy," and other
favorites -- "A Simple Guide to Happiness," "Enjoy the Lord," and "Enjoy Your Precious
Life," are still top sellers. Fr. Catoir maintains his fresh approach, appreciated by young
and old alike!
Social Media
In May 2013, at the age of 81, a friend
encouraged Fr. John, to learn about social
media, and start a Facebook and Twitter
page!  He did!  
In only 3 years, Fr. Catoir
has sent out over 11,000 TWEETS to
people all over the world.

He has now
gathered thousands of friends
on Facebook.

A unique
"9-Day Prayer Marathon" prior to
Christmas 2016 was viewed by over
2,000,000 people in 27 countries. It's
theme was
bringing "Christ back to

A 2016 Summer "
Prayer Marathon"
reached over 71,000 people world-wide
His simple messages of love, joy, and
caring for others are reaching incredible
numbers each year.
Fr. John Catoir
. . . Messenger of Joy
St. Jude Media Ministry

Fr. John T. Catoir - President/CEO
Ashley Olbrich - Vice President and Treasurer
Tayler Dalpe -- 2nd Vice President and Asst. Treasurer
Marie Hantak -- Secretary

Patricia Martin - Executive Director
Jim Martin  - Executive Producer
Josephine Isenbergh - Radio Spot Coordinator

Board Members:
Fr. John T. Catoir
Ashley Olbrich
Tayler Dalpe
Patricia Martin
Jim Martin
Josephine Isenbergh
Marie  Hantak
announced a new award for 2017:
Fr. Catoir Social Media Evangelization Award

The Catholic Press Association announced a new award this spring, the Fr. Catoir Social Media
Evangelization Award, to be awarded in ceremonies in June 21-23, 2017 in
Quebec, Canada, during their International Convention.
Judging of the first award entries took place on May 16, 2017

Best Example of Evangelization Through the Use of Social Media Platforms
The purpose of this award is to recognize the positive impact of a Social Media campaign to
make Jesus known and loved, and is the primary criteria for measuring its success.
The quality of production and style of writing are important in delivering the message,
but not as important as the ability to achieve the objective as measured by the response and
reactions of those receiving the message.
Plans are to expand the
Instagram and any other
social media platform
that gets the message
our to youth, the elderly,
and those who need it
most in our world.

Watch for our posts on
Facebook and Twitter!