Below is a series of short video segments by Fr. John
Catoir. Some were taped as endings to the "Christopher
Close-Up" program in New York. Some are newer videos
from 2012-2017. Each is less than 3:00 minutes in length.
Click title to view the video.
St. Paul on "Love"
Excerpt from a Christopher's Close-Up program on the writings
and life of St. Paul, the Apostle. Fr. John Catoir - (:38 Seconds)
Fr. John Catoir
. . . Messenger of Joy
Video 5                                              -  2:30 seconds
"Julian of Norwich, Saint John Paul II, and Joy!"
Video from 2015 - Explores the various writing of Saint  
John Paul II and Julian -- comparing their sentiments on
offering God the simple act of being joyful in our lives.
Part 3 - Fr. Catoir with Cardinal Suenens
"How Can We Find Jesus?"          -   1:42 minutes
VIDEO SERIES: with Cardinal Suenens of Belgium
Part 4 - Fr. Catoir with Cardinal Suenens
"Carrying Christ in the World"       -   2:07 minutes
VIDEO SERIES: with Fr. Henri Nouwen
VIDEO SERIES: with Cardinal John O'Connor
VIDEO SERIES: Fr. Catoir "The Good Word"
This is a 9-Part series of mini-videos taken from one of
the very first productions by St. Jude Media Ministry. It was
videotaped in-studio with Fr. John Catoir during May 2000.
VIDEO SERIES: Fr. Catoir "30 Good Minutes"  
This is a 5-Part series of mini-videos taken from one program of
the original series, "30 Good Minutes" produced in 1996 and
used with permission from the Chicago Sunday Evening Club.
It features host, Lydia A. Talbot. (Chicago, Illinois)