The following are video "clips" with messages from Fr. John Catoir. They vary in length from
1 min. to 30 min. Please click on the "Title" link to see the video of your choice. These were
taped in a variety of locations and years -- some at retreats, and some with special purposes.
We hope you enjoy them all. Encourage family and friends to also connect with Fr. Catoir on
Facebook and Twitter. Also see his daily blog at
"People of Joy: Your Introduction to Spiritual Joy."  
An inspirational message everyone needs to hear. Jesus
said, "I have come that your joy may be full."

Fr. John Catoir - (10 minutes.)
"Joy: The Spirit's Gigantic Secret to the Catholic
Church's Survival."
Interview with Fr. John Catoir on his book of same title by
Jack Heaney on Christopher-Close Up.
Fr. John Catoir - (23 minutes.)
"Faithfulness to the Church"
Thoughts on Julian of Norwich and faithfulness to Church.
Presentation at Avila Retreat House in Oct. 2012.
Fr. John Catoir - (2:30 minutes.)
VIDEO 4 - Series - 2 Parts
Video retreat, New Jersey. Includes Fr. John Catoir's
insights on making the choice to live your life joyfully.
Part 1 - "Joy is a Choice" -  11:30 min.
Part 2 - "Joy is a Choice" - 14 min.
"Julian of Norwich, Saint John Paul II, and Joy!"
Video from 2015 - Explores the various writing of Saint
John Paul II and Julian -- comparing their sentiments on
offering God the simple act of being joyful in our lives.
Fr. John Catoir - (2:30 minutes.)
VIDEO 6  - Series - 2 Parts
Retreat at Holy Trinity Seminary, Irving, Texas in 2005.
Reflects on his own priesthood and encourages others.
Part 1:  "Joy of Priesthood" - 14 min.
Part 2: "Joy of Priesthood" - 14 min.
Fr. John Catoir
. . . Messenger of Joy
St. Paul on "Love"
Excerpt from a Christopher's Close-Up program on the
writings and life of St. Paul, the Apostle.
Fr. John Catoir - (:38 Seconds)
Interview with Jimmy Cagney
Excerpts from a Christopher's Close-Up program with
Fr. John Catoir and this great actor. (10 minutes)
Interview with Bob Newhart
Excerpts from a Christopher's Close-Up program with
Fr. John Catoir and the comedian, Bob Newhart.
(10 minutes)
Interview with Betty Hutton
Excerpts from a Christopher's Close-Up program with
Betty Hutton (in her later years) about life's challenges
and how her faith gave her strength.
(10 minutes)
Interview with Fr. Catoir
"On Joy" - with Dennis Heaney
Full interview from a Christopher's Close-Up program
features Fr. John Catoir reflecting on his ministry.
(25 minutes)
"Joy to the World" with Fr. John Catoir
An uplifting holiday message to all our friends and
supporters in 2017. Joy is a choice that each of us can
make daily.  (6:00 minutes)
VIDEO 13  - Series (5 Parts)
"Be Your Own Best Friend"
From workshop in Parsippany, NJ, many good tips.
Each segment is about 14 minutes, click to view:
VIDEO 14 - Series (3 Parts)
"Prayer Made Simple and Joyful"
Christopher Series -1997, NY, teaches how to add a
refreshing measure of joy to your prayer life.
Each segment about 25 min. Click below to view:
Be joyful - God loves you!